Children : (2 - 11 Ys.)
Babies under 2 are usually free
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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Sunda Resort Ao Nang 500 $$ recommended
Ao Nang Beach Terrace Ao Nang 10 $$$$
Centara Grand Ao Nang - Centara Beach 1 $$$$$
Golden Beach Ao Nang - Central 10 $$$$ recommended
Peace Laguna Ao Nang - Central 200 $$$$
Vogue Resort & Spa Ao Nang - Central 800 $$$$
Krabi Resort Ao Nang - Central 1 $$$$ recommended
Ao Nang Villa Ao Nang - Central 10 $$$$
Pavilion Queens Bay Ao Nang - Central 1000 $$$$
Pakasai Hotel Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$$
Ao Nang Princeville Ao Nang - Central 10 $$$
Phra Nang Inn Ao Nang - Central 10 $$$
Ao Nang Orchid Ao Nang - Central 100 $$$ recommended
The Cliff Ao Nang - Central 800 $$$
Krabi Mercure Deevana Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$ recommended
Cha Wan Ao Nang - Central 800 $$$ recommended
Duang Jai Ao Nang - Central 600 $$$ recommended
Cha-Da Resort Ao Nang - Central 800 $$$
Somkiet Buri Ao Nang - Central 200 $$$
Ao Nang Cliff Beach Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$ recommended
Tipa Resort Ao Nang - Central 200 $$$ recommended
Naga Pura Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Alis Hotel Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$ recommended
Best Western Ao Nang Bay Resort & Spa Ao Nang - Central 600 $$$
Best Western Ban Ao Nang Ao Nang - Central 100 $$$
The Small Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Timber House Ao Nang - Central 200 $$$
Krabi La Playa Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Buri Tara Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Apasari Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Krabi Heritage Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Haleeva Sunshine & Spa Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$ recommended
Ao Nang President Ao Nang - Central 50 $$$
Red Ginger Ao Nang - Central 500 $$$
Ananta Burin Ao Nang - Central 500 $$$
Aree Tara Ao Nang - Central 500 $$$
The Palace Aonang Ao Nang - Central 100 $$$
White Sands Ao Nang - Central 400 $$$
Ao Nang Sunset Ao Nang - Central 100 $$$ recommended
Ao Nang Paradise Ao Nang - Central 350 $$$ recommended
Goodwill Ao Nang - Central 1000 $$
Harvest House Ao Nang - Central 1000 $$
Pranang Flora Ao Nang - Central 1000 $$
Ao Nang Beach Ao Nang - Central 10 $$
Royal Nakara Ao Nang - Central 600 $$
The Verandah Ao Nang - Central 400 $$
Top View Ao Nang - Central 400 $$
Phu Pimaan Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$$$ recommended
Phu Petra Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$$$ recommended
Nadivana Apartments Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$$ recommended
Jungle Village Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$$
Vipa Resort Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$ recommended
Titti House Ao Nang - Outskirts 2000 $$ recommended
Ao Nang Mountain Paradise Ao Nang - Outskirts 3000 $$
Phulay Bay Klong Muang 1 $$$$$$ recommended
The Tubkaak Klong Muang 1 $$$$$
Sheraton Klong Muang 1 $$$$
Sofitel Klong Muang 10 $$$$
Nakamanda Klong Muang 1 $$$$
Amari Vogue Klong Muang 1 $$$$
Anyavee Tubkaek Klong Muang 1 $$$
Tubkaek Sunset Klong Muang 1 $$$
Aquamarine Nopparat Thara 1 0 recommended
Ayodhaya Nopparat Thara Beach 90 $$$$
Holiday Inn Nopparat Thara Beach 10 $$$$
Ao Nang Buri Nopparat Thara Beach 10 $$$
Success Resort Nopparat Thara Beach 120 $$$

Good value for the standard offered.

Recently renovated, this resort offers great views and immaculate rooms.

This resort is located on its own private beach. Access to Ao Nang's amenities is problematic.

Occupying a long stretch of the best part of Ao Nang beach and offering great accommodation in uncrowded surroundings, this is the top resort on Ao Nang's beachfront.

This resort offers mountain views.

This quality resort is located 800 metres from the beach. There are lots of steps.

This large resort, set in spacious gardens, is located directly on the beach.

This large block of concrete is noisy during high season.

This resort is about 1km from the beach.

This expensive resort is a fair way from town and the beach, situated on a steep hillside.

This rather cramped hotel is located across the road from the beach.

The rooms overlooking the beach are the really special thing about this rather densely-populated resort.

This is a great mid-range and centrally located hotel. The upper rooms have wonderfull mountain views and are currently one of Ao Nang's best value room options.

This atmospheric and stylish resort offers smallish, but chic rooms.

Good family accommodation fairly near the beach

This intimate and exquisitely designed romantic hideaway is a peaceful spot in which to unwind. What it lacks in big-resort facilites, it more than makes up for with style and grace.

For those who don't like crowds or formality, this is a good choice. Set in a peaceful spot and well designed, this resort has a large pool and spacious, airy rooms.

Immaculate if uninspiring new resort 800 metres from the beach.

For those who don't mind the odd bug or insect, the jungle setting here is a big plus.

Currently Ao Nang's best 4 star resort.

An oasis of greenery in the heart of Ao Nang, the 'Teak House' bungalows are the best thing about the Tipa Resort.

Good value is the main draw in this immaculate and fairly well located resort.

The pastel hues in this Moroccan-theme resort and used to create muted backdrops for brilliant splashes of colour, in a resort noted for its style. Some of the rooms have views of 2 beaches from their balcony hot-tubs.

This resort has seen better days and should only be booked as a last resort.

This resort is in need of renovation, and is over-priced for the standard of accommodation offered.

Somewhat overpriced, this aptly-names resort is a good option only when better value places are full.

There not much timber to be seen in this mid-range resort. The best things about it are the good value afforded by the 2 bedroom family apartments, and the spacious grounds.

A good choice for those who like a huge pool to play in.

The Buri Thara is brand new and immaculate throughout. It suffers from a lack of space. In high season this leads to overcrowding, so if you are planning to spend lots of time in-resort, look elsewhere.

This new resort is immaculate throughout and has attractively presented rooms. What is suffers from is a lack of space, so is only suitable for people who will be spending a lot of time out on day-trips.

This resort has seen better days.

This is the best value resort in Ao Nang which has a pool. It is located 900 metres from the beach in the town's best local-style restaurant zone.

This hotel is within easy walking distance of the beach and offers reasonable value for money.

This smart but overpriced resort suffers from a lack of space. While the shared facilities are overcrowded in high season, in low season it is a fairly good choice.

This overpriced place is only a good choice, when other similarly-priced but better resorts are full.

There is one room type at this unexceptional resort that is worth considering.

This very centrally located hotel is a bit shabby, but is reasonably priced and has a pool.

Most of the rooms in this centrally-placed resort are too noisy. The pool is tiny.

This is a the best choice for an inexpensive room near the beach & with a reasonable pool and a great seaview.

Value for money and beautiful mountain views are the draws here.

This new resort is clean and comfortable throughout, but has no shared facilities.

This is a new, clean and comfortable place in which to sleep, but has no facilities.

There's nothing to get excited about in this new and immaculate guest house, but nothing to complain about either.

This older resort is very close to the beach, but not one of Ao Nang's best choices.

This budget place has an airy terrace and a miniscule pool. It's a bit of a hike from the beach and town.

This unremarkable guest house is not a bad place to stay.

This clean guest house is at the top of a big hill, so is a fair hike to get to.

Ao Nang's best 4 star resort

This quiet and up-market hideaway resort is a trabquil getaway for those after a spot of peace and quiet.

This peaceful, new resort 4km from the beach has the best apartments in Ao Nang.

Although a fair way out of town, the Jungle Village suits those visitors who like good value, peace and quiet, and don't mind spending a few minutes in a tuk tuk getting to and from the beach. 

For those who can ride a motorbike, this is a good budget choice.

This place is a fair way out of town, but is very good value because of that, considering its immaculate condition. The lovely sunset views are a bonus.

This budget place is a fair way from town and the beach. Because of this, it benefits from excellent mountain views and a pool, despite the low prices.

Prepare to diacard assumptions on the limits of luxury at this 6 star resort

This classy resort is a deservedly popular favourite with honeymooners and with families with small children

Excellent choice for families with small children

Perfect for selfish golfers

Ths classy couples retreat on classy Klong Muang is also OK for small children.

Stylish beachfront resort on Klong Muang beach.

Wothwhile beachfront families resort on Tubkaek beach.

Budget front row beachfront bungalows on a brilliant sunset beach. 2 star bungalows at a 3 star price.

This low-density place is a family favourite

This pricey hotel is on Nopparat Thara beach.

Occupying spacious grounds next to Nopparat Thara beach, this stytlish and modernistic resort is less than a year old, but has already gained a good reputation for service

This popular and well-established resort is still in great condition. For those after a simple but very comfortable resort, this is a good choice. The pool, overlooking Nopparat beach, is especially attractive.

This mid-range resort is a reasonable choice when other places are full.

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