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Snorkel Ao Nang / Railay

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Snorkel Koh Phi Phi
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Four island Snorkelling Trip
Snorkel Koh Hong


There are three main destinations for snorkelling around Ao Nang & Railay, as follows:

Snorkel Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi has problems these days and, for most people, it's better to visit it on this day-trip than to stay there. Click here for more on Koh Phi Phi.

This is the best destination for snorkelling within range of Ao Nang. Phi Phi is a fair distance from Ao Nang, so it is necessary to go by speedboat. There are a wide range of options available, from economy join-on trips, to luxury join-on trips and private charters.

Speedboat Trip

This daytrip includes quite a long time in the speedboat, as Phi Phi is a fair way from Ao Nang / Railay. Some travellers won't enjoy spending the best part of 2 hours bouncing up and down in a speedboat, for others it will be no problem.

This tour includes 7 different stops, so visitors get in and out of the boat a total of 16 times. While this is no problem for adults and makes for an interesting day out, this trip is not reccommended for children under 12, due to the trouble of getting them repeatedly in and out of the boat. Families with younger children should take the Koh Hong snorkelling speedboat trip instead (see below).

It is also possible to charter a private speedboat to Phi Phi. Click here for more on the Koh Phi Phi speedboat snorkelling trip.

Luxury Sailboat Trip

For those who want to avoid the worst of the crowds and have extra money to spend, this is the trip to choose, click here for the luxury yacht trip to Ph Phi.


Private Sailboat Trip Around Railay

The suprisingly affordable sailboat MV Loo-Ong is available for rent by the day. Guests can optionally island hop, snorkel and/or deep water solo. Click here for more on the private sailboat trip.


Four Island Snorkelling trip

This daytrip has been getting some negative feedback recently. The waters around Ao Nang and Railay are not as clean as they once were, and for good snorkelling it is necessary to go a get a bit further away from them than this trip goes. While it is not a great day's snorkelling, however, it is a pleasant and inexpensive way to get out and seed some of the local islands. Click here for more.


Koh Hong

We offer two daytrips from Ao Nang / Railay to lovely Koh Hong. One is a kayaking and snorkelling longtail boat trip, the other is a snorkelling-only speedboat trip.

The daytrip which includes kayaking is recommended for more energetic travellers. Those looking for a lazier day, and those with small children, are advised to choose the speedboat trip.

While the snorkelling on this trip isn't quite as good as it is on the Phi Phi trip, there are a lot of fish to be seen, and these are quality day-trips, about which we receive very positive feedback, click here for more.

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