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Private Daytrips around Krabi Town

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There are 6 major inland attractions around Krabi Town. Just going to one of them is not enough to make a satisfactory daytrip for most people, so most people prefer to combine 2 or more into a daytrip (the exception to this is the elephant trekking, which we offer with just a restaurant visit or in combination with a variety of other trips).

It is possible to book some of the trips below as join-on trips where you share transportation with other people, but we don't book these trips, as they are low quality - waiting to pick other people up and drop them off can often takes hours, which is a drag, plus it's not much fun to be herded around like sheep. If you wish to book a join-on trip you can book some of the trips below (but not all of them) in your hotel reception, after arrival in Ao Nang or Railay.

It's simple to choose the right trip for just you. First review the attractions in the following section and choose which you want to do. Then find a trip in the table at the bottom of the page that matches your requirements. If you don't see a trip that suits your requirements, contact us and we'll custom-design an itinerary for you.



Elephant Trekking

There are 4 elephant trek outfits within range of Ao Nang, but we only book one of them, the Huay To elephant trek company, for the following reasons:

  • You get to trek through proper jungle, not just boring rubber plantations
  • This is the only place where you get to bathe and swim with the elephants
  • They have a reasonable record for looking after the animals well (not perfect, but better than most).

Click here for more on the elephant treking.


Hot Springs & Emerald Pool

These are a pair of attractions located close to each other 30 minutes south of Krabi. They are particularly popular with small children, plus the hot springs are a favourite for hoenymooners and older visitors. This is not an attraction we recommended for groups of adventure enthusiasts, who will find it boring. Click here for more on the Hot Springs and Emerald Pool.


Huay To Waterfall

This is the biggest in the province, fully 5 tiers of pools one above the other. To get right to the top entails a strenuous climb. Most people are content to reach the second tier, from where the view is good and there is a big natural swimming pool. Click here for more on the Huay To waterfall.


Tiger Cave Temple

A powerful symbol of the love and hope it represents, this temple is a working monastery housing dozens and monks and nuns. There are 3 main temple complexes. One is accessible to everybody, the second is located at the top of a 200 step stone staircase and the third is at the top of a 1,237 step staircase. The view from the top at sunset is one of the best in the region. Click here for more on the Tiger Cave temple.


Walking Street Market

This is the most fun cultural experience on offer in the region. Click here for more on the Walking Street Market. Note that the Walking Street Market is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On other days we will take you to Krabi Town's most atmospheric and romantic restaurant, the Ruan Mai, instead.


Stilted Restaurant

When it is necessary to stop for lunch we do so at a fun restaurant-on-stilts in a lake stuffed with fish. Feeding the fish is fun, the food is good and reasonable value. The restaurant is comfortable and is located in the Phanom Bencha National Park so benefits from good views. Click here for more on the stilted Restaurant.


Evening Restaurant

For an authentic and reasonably-priced evening meal we recommend the Ruan Mai restaurant in Krabi Town, which is a beautifully decorated place in which to enjoy superb Thai food. We live here, so we know. Click here for more on Ruan Mai Restaurant.



If you don't see a trip that suits your requirements, contact us and we'll custom-design an itinerary for you.


Elephant Trek

Stilted Rest- aurant

Hot Springs / Emerald Pool

Water- fall Tiger Cave Temple Walking Street Market Pickup Time Dropoff Time More Info Book
1         15.30 20.30 More Info
2       14.30 20.30 More Info
3     09.30 18.30 More Info
4       09.30 16.30 More Info
5     10.30 20.30 More Info
6         13.00 17.00 More Info
7       14.30 20.30 More Info
8         14.30 18.30 More Info
9     12.00 20.30 More Info
10     13.00 20.30 More Info



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